Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Joy Challenge: Day 9: A Yellow Balloon and Red Pumps

What kind of title is that you may be asking yourself? After I dropped my children off at preschool, I saw a yellow balloon floating down the street as if it had somewhere to be…where could this balloon be going on such a day as this…
If I were really great, or even the least bit good, I could write a story to go with this but I am not… this little balloon just brought a smile to my face because it was as if I could see it through the eyes of my children and thinking of the questions they may be asking about this yellow balloon.
I thought this was the one thing that I was going to write about but my friend, Elizabeth and I went shopping for a pair of boots! Yes boots, you notice I did not write a cute pair of brown boots at the top…no I wrote about a pair of red pumps! Well I could have also written about those cute brown boots and the cook black boots and yes the oh so chic purple pumps! Yes, I bought 4 pair of shoes tonight! This is not like me at all but it was buy one get one ½ off! I know, I know…I am saving my honey money right=)
Well my honey is coming home tomorrow and I went with the intentions of buying a pair of brown boots to go with my outfit but I am wearing a red shirt so the red pumps would look great! I think the red pumps would be great with anything! I don't normally have a shoe fetish but tonight was sooooo much fun! I am sure you know what is going to bring me Joy tomorrow before I ever write about it ;)

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