Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Joy Challenge: Day 8: playing 20 questions with my husband

I got to talk to my honey on the phone Wednesday night and it was wonderful. We talk for almost 2 hours until I started getting very sleepy from some medicine I took earlier. I feel like during this deployment that we have found that first love again, I know we have only been married for 4 years but we were like high school kids last night and it was so much fun just getting to know him all over again. And we only have 2 more days to have to endure being apart! The great thing about Friday is not only is he coming home but he is coming home for good! He will never have to deploy again!

What were the 20 questions you ask, well, that is not the important thing about today's joy it was the joy in playing it and rekindling a love and fire! I know not what you wanted to read but those 20 questions may make you and me blush ;)

good night to all…remember God is good and he has a big plan for each of us!

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