Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Joy Challenge: Day 6: Knowing my limits

If you are anything like me, then you tend to take on too much and then just blow up at everything and everyone around you because you are the one that has taken on too much! Well I am learning to read my body and what emotions I am feeling and realizing when it is time to say no, time to go home, time to go into my room and just shut the door….

Tuesday will be two weeks ago that I had sinus surgery and today I was feeling a lot of sinus pressure and on top of that had not 1 but 2 needed children…they both seemed to be fighting for my attention and this just make my heart hurt because I can't give them that attention that each of them is desiring. We went to dance and gymnastics on this beautiful, windy morning. We made it through the morning of getting dressed and having breakfast….but them once we got to class and I took Sydney to her dance class she didn't want to stay and I had to be in class with Noah so what is a mother to do when she is the only one (daddy a million miles away but not for long=)). I did what only a good mother does…yep I put her in the class stayed with her a few minutes so she could gain her confidence and then slowly eased my way out so Noah and I could go to gymnastics.

Well about 5 minutes into her class here she comes running to me like she has just lost her best friend. Before she shows up Noah is acting like he normally does, a boy, not listening, not doing what he is suppose to do….but magically when his twin sister shows up he wants to do it because she is doing the stretches….oh the bond they have. But I have to explain to her that this is Noah's class and she can't do the activities. That is hard for a 3 year old to really comprehend. I convince her to go back to her class and of course stay with her a few minutes and shoe her it is fun. She is comfortable and I slowly ease out again.

By the end of class we have some sort of meltdown of 3 year olds, mommy's head is pounding and this is where I feel the presence of God saying this is one of those times for me to know my limits and call it a day before I do or say something I regret. So we packed up and went home, fixed a great lunch and all went down for a nap! The Lord is teaching me so much through my children and I am grateful for each lesson that I am learning.

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