Friday, November 13, 2009

The Joy Challenge: Day 3 ~ Coffee

I know what you are probably thinking, Coffee, are you kidding me, that brings you joy. I have not always been a coffee drinker and if I did drink it, it was with lots of cream and sugar….

I took this picture right before our training class today…which was on 4 traits of highly successful people…

Well not a lot has changed since my first taste of coffee but I just love the thought of pouring a cup, wrapping my hands around a nice and toasted mug and just taking a deep breath and letting the aroma of the coffee fill every ounce of space in my nose….she is crazy…I know….Coffee actually the smell of it takes on a whole new meaning or rather appreciation for me since my sinus surgery on the 2nd of this month…. My sense of smell is heighten and I can actually breathe, yeah

I am one of those that like to bring my own coffee mug from home with me to work or someone's house because I just absolutely love my mugs….we got them from pier 1 when we got married and they are so me! As I am typing I am trying to think about God in this big scheme of coffee and this is where I wish I were a writer and the words could just flow from my mouth with such grace but they don't…but who is to say I can't work on it…I am trying to do better about finding Joy in my daily routine, trying to set goals for 2010 in my real estate career (for Hattiesburg, MS when we get down there) and working on being a better wife and mother by taking a awesome Bible study by Beth Moore, "It's tough Being a Woman".

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