Monday, November 10, 2008

God still REIGNS!

I said for days that I would post this blog but just have not made the time to do it, and now I am trying to compose something that is somewhat intelligent at 6:30 am!!!! If it comes across as choppy and you are thinking what is she trying to say cut me some slack.
I saw these bumper stickers while I was on my way to have lunch with a friend for her birthday. What made me notice this was two young men trying to get pictures of the cars' stickers with their cell phones. Me being the "I" personality that I am had to see what all the fuss was about. I could not believe it but as we are about to celebrate Veteran's day on Tuesday November 11th, this person was given that right to voice their opinion by all the men and women who have fought for that right for us.
I know my Jesus is still on the throne and He hears all our prays. He answers our prays every single day, it may be that He has said yes to your request or no but He always answers them and you may not know when your request will happen even though God has said yes. It could be in your lifetime that God answers your pray or it may be after you are long gone, but He will answer your prays.
I know that Jesus is real and that he gave his life so that I may have life and can't imagine what life is like for those who do not believe. I am at a lose for what else to say but I pray that each of you reading this do have a personal relationship with your Father in heaven, so you can have eternal life and share this amazing gift with others. God bless!

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