Sunday, November 16, 2008

God is our Lighthouse

Wow, today's reading really spoke to me about "exploring the depths of forgiveness".
One Month To Live, Thirty Days To A No-Regrets Life; this book is what life is all about. If you only had thirty days to live what is truly important for you to accomplish in that time. God places people in our life for a reason and I know there are many times that I just can not figure out why. It may be that He wants you to minister to them in some way or that they are there to minister to you. God is really working on me right now with people in my life. I am not good at communicating, as Josh will be the first to tell you, so this is hard for me. Those of you who know me might be thinking that I communicate very well but when it comes to telling those close to me what I am feeling it is hard for me because I am such a people pleaser and do not want to hurt anyone. If I could just live my life the way God intends for me to live it wouldn't be so hard. There may be people in your life that you have hurt with your words or actions or lack of words and actions but God has called us to forgive and seek their forgiveness.
"The aching hurt, the depth of pain, betrayal, disappointment-forgiveness is so difficult to give. It can be like trying to see clearly in the depths of the sea. To view anything underneath the ocean's surface, you need a mask. And to forgive someone, you have to see beneath the surface as well. On the surface there's no logical reason for me to forgive someone who has hurt me. but when I look below the surface, the Bible gives me some great reasons to forgive (Day 10, pg. 75)." God knows that we get angry but he still wants us to forgive. It is for our own good to forgive because He command us to forgive. We live in a society that does not like accountability, it's all about me, what can you do for me or what am I going to get out of it but this is not the life God called us to live. "God says you need to forgive for your own sake, because bitterness blocks the blessings He wants to pour into your life (day 10, pg. 77)." Healing will happen in your life when you begin to forgive yourself and others.
Just like a lighthouse helps navigate ships safely to shore, God sent His son Jesus to be that lighthouse. He helps me navigate safely through this life and teaches me that I have the tools I need to be successful at it. Don't get caught in the shallow when God wants you to go to the depths of the ocean to experience his love and forgiveness.


Christy said...

What powerful insight! I love your blog and I think you are doing a wonderful job with everything. If you need any help with anything...just let me know:)

Wala said...

Laurie -
Your insight is incredible! There are so many books I wish you could read and translate for me. I hope all is well. Hopefully you can come down at some point during the holidays so I can see you and you can meet Brian(ok - again) take care and keep being the awesome person you are!!
hugs and kisses!! La