Thursday, September 3, 2009

what a fun night!

Well life is good, feel terrible but life is good. My dad came this morning at 9:45 am and will be here until Tuesday so nap time can begin without interruption.....hahaha

About 10:30 am I took a much needed shower to shave my legs, wash my hair and then get into a nice HOT bath with bath oil, a magazine and peace & quiet! Wow how great you feel when you are clean! Yes if you are a mom you realize there are some days that you don't get a shower much less when you feel like crap. I put some deep conditioner in my hair while getting in the tub, so yes I had to get in the shower again. To say the least I am squeaky clean! I then proceeded to color my hair and wow I feel great! Just want to give a shout out to GOD for letting me be born in this day and age of hot showers, razors and hair color! The simply things in life.

We took the kids down to the Thursday Art Walk downtown. Went to my new favorite store Ingredients and ordered Sydney a bracelet. They had two artist in their Sharla Adams with Designs By Sharla. Check out her website: I am excited to see what she will make for my spunky little girl! Will post pics when I get the bracelet. The other vendor was a women after my own heart: Tammy Hyatt with Hyatt's Custom Cake and Confections. Check out her website : . I did not get a chance to talk to her because she had several waiting to talk but she had some great samples. Sydney loved her truffles!

We made our way around the corner and Sydney said she wanted some pizza for dinner. I told here we were going somewhere that she would be able to get pizza..."I love some pizza. Pizza, pizza, I love pizza" all while doing a dance. My girl loves food! We enjoyed a great dinner at The Blackhorse Pub and Brewery: ....YUMMY! Beer Cheese Dip is the best!

ON our way back to the car we got a little dance show from you guessed it Sydney! The car was at the red light playin some booty dancing music and we know whose child she is, uuuummm yeah she started doing the booty dance and they just loved it. the car behind them rolled down their window and played some more booty music and she just loved it and danced with her mama even more. It was precious and priceless!

My dad is a big fan of "doo waap" music as he calls it and Sydney is becoming one too. she tried so hard to learn the words and sing along with "papa". He loved every minute of it. Tonight was such a good night. We all needed it after the long week we have had around this house!

26 days left till R&R!~


corkyshell said...

26 days will go by fast!

Haha sounds like Syndey is quite the character :)

shelly said...

I bet that was a great dance show!! Glad you got some down time!