Thursday, June 4, 2009

WOW, What a week!

This week has been to say the least a HUGE challenge for me.

I accomplished my weekly trip to the commissary for groceries. Well I saved $10.30 in coupons, how awesome is that! Got home had lunch, put up groceries, put them down for a nap and I think I may have taken one that day as well. I planted more plants and cut the grass today. What a feeling of accomplishment when you have a completed yard.

We ran a few errands and checked on the condo I have listed to see if the tenant was out yet....NOPE. We are suppose to close on Friday with the new buyer. We then went to Jump Zone to have lots of fun. My babies are growing up because they went down the slides all by themselves without me. Granted they had the girls next door with them to encourage them. My little babies are not babies anymore. We went to Hobby Lobby to get some things to make daddy a father's day gift. I found some great things for the kids and myself as well, oopps. Came home and off to Napland we all went....yes another nap this week and it is only Tuesday. Something about some nighttime planting. Lovin it.

Noah's appointment. He is improving so much with his speech! We are sooooo proud of him. Off to take a look to see if tenant is out yet....NOPE. I decided we would go to the PX to get some weed and feed and we, of course, found a few other items (batteries for elliptical, watering wand to water those great ferns, a flashlight for my car emergency kit). Off to lunch and then home. Lots of phone calls about the condo issue and closing at the end of the week. May have sold the truck! Mimi and Pop came in late tonight, YEAH!!!!

We woke up at 8 am which was such a nice gift. I then took the monkeys upstairs for a surprise: mimi and pop. They were so tickled about them being here and waking up to find them here at their house. We got to talk to Josh for a few minutes and then off to a termite inspection, while Pop cooked his famous breakfast of fried eggs, grits, biscuits and bacon. Didn't get to eat with them but it was still good at 10:30 am. My pour sellers of this house have been troopers through it all: dishwasher broke, new one installed, water damage from new one and on and on but they are doing the right thing and GOD is good. Lazy day somewhat in the midst of still trying to deal with the condo which will not close until Tuesday. Took a nap, which was much needed with the stress of work and my joints hurting this week. Had a great dinner, prepared by Mimi: Shrimp and Sausage with pasta, fresh squash and zucchini, salad and bread. UUUUMMM good. After dinner walk with everyone and off to beds the monkeys went. Watch a good movie with the in-laws and then off to bed to type. Good day overall. God is good.

Blessings unknown but it will be good I know because of my GOD.

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