Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I want more boxes!

This is what my sweet pea said yesterday, "I want more boxes mommy."  Well we are in the process of trying to get ourselves settled into our new home next sleeping spot.  We are staying with my inlaws for umm I don't know how long but am very grateful that they are welcoming us home. 

I don't want anymore boxes but I do want to find some much needed things like sweet pea and dragonfly's clothes, some paperwork and my shoes.  What is stopping us from finding these things?  The cold!  Our things are stored in the top of the barn and it is cold to be out there for a long time.  It muct be done and I need to do it today. 

We do have the kids room almost to the point it needs to be to make them feel like this is home.  The sad thing is Sweet Pea said yesterday that she wanted to go to the girls house :(  This is hard to watch your 3 year old try and understand why she can't just walk next door and see her very best friend. 

Well I will do my best to keep this updated on a daily basis and like my friend Lynne said "I am not sure who will read this" but I will continue to write on. 

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shelly said...

I will be reading! I hate that you got gone before we could do a lunch date. Maybe if you come back up we can!