Thursday, April 16, 2009

time to detox my body, my mind, & whatever else

I am searching for a healthy way of living and I feel my life, my body, my mind needs some detoxification. Yes I know this sounds crazy coming from me. I went to the library today to learn more about cleansing the body. Wow at the info that is out there and boy the toxic world we live in. My friend Sharon is starting to rub off on me as far as living more simple and looking at the world differently.

So, tonight I will drink some cleansing tea before I go to bed and start tomorrow fresh, read my bible, have my quiet time with God, have a cup of coffee in the quietness of the morning, oh how I hope this is what tomorrow brings.....

On another note, I miss my husband so much right now and look forward to hearing his voice everyday...those simple things in life that we all seems to take for granted; like a hug...a kiss...holding hands...that sweet smile...cuddling...I LOVE YOU Josh!

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