Thursday, March 26, 2009

" Be Still..."

God has been working on me...many times He is telling me to "be still and know that I am God." Alright already is what I am saying but He continues to say the same thing. When will I get it? Who knows but a song I know says I am a work in progress (thank God). We are not perfect but we are continually a work in progress.

The two Bible studies that I am involved with right now are really opening my eyes and bringing me so much closer to him and in this process I am learning to hear that "still small voice". I am not saying that I am in the perfect walk, the perfect Christian or the best wife, mother or friend, but what I am saying is He is helping me to break free of some past hurts, guilts, losses, etc. Now what is He calling me to do....

There is a time for everything and in His timing things will happen~ like the sale of Josh's truck (know anyone who wants a truck let me know), sale of our home, business, etc. My neighbor is leading one of my studies and is really helping me see things in a different light and maybe being called out of my comfort zone. Please pray with me to see if God is calling me to give my testimony to a group of ladies in May for a spring event. I have never given my testimony in a public manner so this would really be stepping out of my comfort zone. I have shared my story with friends and during my bible study but not in such a bold way. If God is calling me to do this pray that He gives me the words to say so that His glory will shine through every situation.

All my friends know that I believe God is in control of my life, my family, our finances, our children, our business and my business. I know that He sends the right people my way either for me to help them with their real estate needs, touch their lives in some way, or for them to teach me something but what ever the reason He knows the plans and He is in Control! Thanks Elizabeth for opening my eyes, teaching me and opening doors.

God is good!

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