Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goals in Life

Okay not that I have found out that R&R will not be until ummmm October I need to make some weekly, monthly and maybe just some daily goals....

I am a little teary today since finding out we won't see Josh until October but this is what life is about....change.

daily goals:
Spend time with God
Drink more water

Weekly goals:
Complete my daily goals (I know lame but I need to do this!!!)
Pay bills
Grocery Shop for healthy, yummy foods
Send care package to Josh
Cut grass, weed eat, etc.
Bible Studies on Wednesday AM and Friday PM
Bake bread
Make menu for week

Monthly Goals:
Pay down debt
Lose weight/tone up!

I am sure there are more things I need to accomplish but this is a good start on top of all those things that come up on a daily basis....

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