Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

Wow what a day! We had a great time with friends cooking out and playing in the pool. Lots of laughs, food and fun. Did you see my facebook comment earlier today....well Sweet Pea came outside and told me she went poo poo in her room....GREAT! Well what great friends I have they helped get together supplies but of course I had to clean it up! haha, as Sharon said "she loves my kids but will not clean up their poop off the floor" haha, what you don't want to clean up runny poop! These great friends also got together and cleaned up the kitchen! Thank you!

We then took a nice long nap~ what a sweet way to wake up to 2 little ones climbing in bed with you! even better when they go back to sleep with you! About a hour later Sweet Pea told it was time to get up...nothing like a bossy one!

Off to post to watch the fireworks and enjoy time with friends. The kids enjoyed getting to ride a ride, yes only one ride because they the sirens went off telling up a tornado warning was in effect. GREAT what fun! We all headed back to the blankets and packed up to head home which was an adventure all in itself. We got to the car and I got a call from my nerdy friend to seek cover so we stopped at the shopette. Nothing like taking 6 kids in the shopette waiting for a tornado to service, well it did not thank God so we headed home and are now tucked in our beds safe and sound.

Thank you to all the military families and the sacrifice that they go through for us to be able to celebrate this day in freedom! GOD BLESS YOU!

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shelly said...

Love the new blog look! Sounds like you had quite the interesting 4th!!